Saturday, 18 May 2013

Planned Route

Decision day came and went and, as if there was any danger, I have decided to "get on with it". I'm pleased to report that I have had the green light from my most worthy chosen charities and have updated the DONATE page so please have a look there and see what you can do.

I will be leaving on 28th May by train (I know - what a wimp) to Frome in Somerset where I have a couple of friends who will put up with me for the night. With a moderate hangover and full of pasta I will ride to Portsmouth the next day

and take the overnight ferry to Le Havre. From Le Havre I will ride diagonally across France passing South of Paris to Brig in Switzerland rising up steadily and with a few climbs towards the end

From Brig I will NOT be riding over the Alps. I will leave that to Bradley and the boys. No, I will sensibly take the train (not again?) under the Alps to Domodossola in Northern Italy and, hopefully, freewheel for a couple of days down the other side.

I will bomb along the pan flat Po valley and then follow the Adriatic coast down to Ancona where I take the ferry to Igoumenitsa on the Greek mainland. From there I will follow the coast around to Athens.

That will be the end of the bike ride but from Athens I will be taking the ferry to Rhodes which is only an hour or so from my adopted home in glorious Fethiye where I will rest for a week or so before flying home early July to enjoy the remains of the English Summer hahahahahaha (cue hysterical laughter).

Here is the planned route

Stage Day Date From To Dist Total (km) Gain (m)
1 T 28/05/2013 Wigan Frome (train)
2 W 29/05/2013 Frome Portsmouth 120.0 120.0
3 Th 30/05/2013 Le Havre Evreux 117.0 237.0 439.0
4 F 31/05/2013 Evreux Etampes 118.0 355.0 513.0
5 Sa 01/06/2013 Etampes Sens 99.0 454.0 426.0
6 Su 02/06/2013 Sens Chatillon 120.0 574.0 675.0
7 M 03/06/2013 Chatillon Gray 113.0 687.0 723.0
8 T 04/06/2013 Gray Pontarlier 111.0 798.0 1206.0
9 W 05/06/2013 Pontarlier Montreux 101.0 899.0 718.0
10 Th 06/06/2013 Montreux Sion 71.0 970.0 300.0
11 F 07/06/2013 Sion Brig (rest) 54.0 1024.0 280.0
12 Sa 08/06/2013 Brig (rest) Domodossola train
13 Su 09/06/2013 Domodossola Legnano 100.0 1124.0 254.0
14 M 10/06/2013 Legnano Cremona 113.0 1237.0 44.0
15 T 11/06/2013 Cremona Mirandola 105.0 1342.0 66.0
16 W 12/06/2013 Mirandola Alfonsine 108.0 1450.0 75.0
17 Th 13/06/2013 Alfonsine Pesaro 105.0 1555.0 192.0
18 F 14/06/2013 Pesaro Ancona  63.0 1618.0 59.0
19 Sa 15/06/2013 Ancona dep 1500 Igoumenitsa arr 0930 nx
20 Su 16/06/2013 Igoumenitsa Preveza 91.0 1709.0 997.0
21 M 17/06/2013 Preveza Agrinio 97.0 1806.0 632.0
22 T 18/06/2013 Agrinio Aigio 105.0 1911.0 818.0
23 W 19/06/2013 Aigio Korinthos 96.0 2007.0 354.0
24 Th 20/06/2013 Korinthos Athens 85.0 2092.0 482.0
25 F 21/06/2013 Athens dep 1800 Rhodes arr 1000 nx boat
26 Sa 22/06/2013 Rhodes Fethiye boat

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Decision Day Tomorrow?

Bad weather and punctures have impeded my training this week. I set off the other day but got a puncture after 2 miles and had no spare tubes so phoned home for a lift. It took me a couple of days to get spare tubes so that set me back but it rained almost non-stop anyway. To make up, I fully intended doing a long, long, all day ride with the Wigan Wheelers today but bad weather was forecast for this afternoon and I decided to restrict my efforts to a morning ride only and managed a 30 mile ride up to Preston and back. It was quite windy and I got wet near the end. Dodgy weather is forecast for all of this week but I feel I need to go out and ride every day, whatever the distance. I have done nothing like the same amount of training as for last year's ride but with a full weeks training I am confident that I will be able to "grow into" the distance and will manage OK.

So there it is. I have decided that it's on. I have quite a bit of organising to do and a number of people to contact about final arrangements but don't see a problem.