2013 Ride

I only realised recently that I decided to do last year's ride without a proper bike and accessories, clothing, tent and other camping equipment. I researched a lot of items and still have almost everything I need for another similar ride. I will add any additions, deletions or amendments here. 

2012 Ride

If I've missed anything please let me know. 

Touring Bike (Ridgeback Panorama) with Front and Rear Racks, Pump, Drinks Bottles, Bike Cover, Locks
Repair Items - Puncture Repair Kit, Spare Tubes, Brake Pads, Spokes, Screws and Nuts, Cable ties
Tools -  Spoke Wrench, Tyre Irons, Chain tool, Screw driver, Allen keys, Bike Spanners, Multi-tool, Pliers,  Oil, Cloth, Rubber Gloves, Handwashing Gel.
Front and Rear Panniers (Carradice), Handlebar Bag
Tent (Vango Banshee) and Sleeping Bag (Microlite 500), Seat, Sleeping Mat, Pillow, Head Torch, Hand Torch, Lighter.
Stove, Cutlery, Pan, Dish, Flask
Camera, Phone and Chargers. Solar Powered charger.
Plastic Bags (Slider)
Socks and Undies, Shoes, Helmet, Gloves, Sunglasses
Passport, Maps, Phrasebooks
Wallet, Cards.
Toiletries - Toothpaste and Brush, Shampoo, Deodorant, Razor, Soap, Towel, Sun Cream
Shirts (3 cotton tee shirts) and Pants (2 pairs padded cycling shorts), Waterproof Jacket, Fleece and Waterproof Pants, Cape.
First Aid kit - Plasters, Bandage, Paracetamol, Medicines and Ointments
Sewing kit, Elastic Bands, Duct tape, String, scissors
Facial tissues, Toilet paper
Notepad and Pen
Laundry soap, Washing-up Liquid
Mini-clothes line, Pegs

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