2012 Photos: Stages 25 - 29

Stage 25     Rosiori de Vede - Giurgiu    

Euroroute E 70 - Not the best road but who's complaining?

Donkeys "parked" outside the houses in the poorer villages.

Rumanian village of Pliosca (compare with next place).

Rumanian gypsy village of Buzescu. Very untypical, unreal even

Buzescu 2

Buzescu 3

Typical landscape - Nothing for miles and miles and miles

the 504 - a bit of a rough ride

504 - Dirt track and nowt else

Getting the picture?

Boring now but that's what it was like - until.....

George and Sorin at the lake

Friend for life 1 (taken by a proper photographer)

Friend for life 2

Stage 26     Giurgiu - Razgrad

Bike repair in hotel reception, Giurgiu

Knackered wheel left behind. 

Stage 27     Razgrad - Shumen

Been to the bike shop and relaxing in the bar at the Shumen Hotel

Typical Shumen street scene. Nothing special but really nice people.

Deal or no deal - Bulgarian style. Their version of Noel was more slimy than ours

What would you go for?

Have a closer look. It's OK, the waiter saw the confusion on my face and ....... 

.......brought me the English menu. This is what I  ended up with - delicious!

Stage 28     Shumen - Burgas

Stanislas and his son Deyan behind the shop. These lads did a great job on my bike.

Stage 29     Burgas - Svilengrad

The Black Sea after Burgas - didn't expect to see that.

Paul and Ana from Rumania in the Bulgarian forest just before the storm

Kalin and the gang in Svilengrad. Good session

Same again. Good company.

Just to prove I was there

Another friend for life

Kalin after he dropped me at the hotel - cheers pal. 

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