2012 Photos: Stages 8 - 12

Stage 8     Geisenheim - Worms

My little ferry across the Rhine at Oppenheim

Stage 9     Worms - Lowenstein

Typical pleasant scenery - Nice road

Same as above - A bit further back

On the bridge at Heidelberg

Just thought I'd prove I was there - Nearly caused a major domestic

As above - I had to leave married couple arguing

Stage 10     Lowenstein - Aalen

Stage 11     Aalen - Ingolstadt

Absolute middle of nowhere - just to the rear of the back of beyond

Storm clouds brewing

Made it to the Danube at Neuburg

Friday night in Ingolstadt - First proper drink - I could hardly lift it

Drinking partners - Tony (Patrick Vieira) and Fabien (Me 100 yrs ago)

Don't give up your day job barman!

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