2012 Photos: Stages 1 - 7

Stage 2     Denby Dale - Hull Docks

Steve thundering over the Humber Bridge

Me following with flash bootees on

Stage 3     Rotterdam - Eck en Wiel

Big ferry resting at Rotterdam after bringing me over - good lad

Stage 4     Eck en Wiel - Kevelaer

There's a place called Whelley in Wigan. It seemed funny at the time

Stage 5     Kevelaer - Dusseldorf

Andy, the proud German red in Dusseldorf. It's not only me that's fuzzy then

Tom, the eloquent Finnish Red in Dusseldorf. He talked better English than what I did. 

Stage 6     Dusseldorf - Bad Honningen 

Proper German donner and chips for lunch in Urbach

The beautiful tiny village of Erpel - full of cars - and my bike

Blogging on kindle with delicious assistance in Bad Honningen campsite. Nice bottles. 

Stage 7     Bad Honningen - Geisenheim

Probably a famous building in Koblenz on the other side of the Rhine

Cable cars over the river and some famous statue

Barge coming round the bend near Boppard

Ferry crossing the Rhine at Boppard

Pretty town of Boppard further North

Sankt Goar

Rhine near Sankt Goar

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  1. Well Done Tom. We have followed your blog all the way. Frank has also followed you all the way on the map. He probably knows the route as well as you do! The blog was great reading, it really described the ups, downs and emotions of it all.

    We will be Calis in two weeks time. Will you still be there? If so perhaps we can buy you a drink.